Messing with the 3D printer

About ~2 years ago I purchased a personal 3D printer, a Printrbot Play. At the time it was definitely the best choice I could come across for the price. If I had to re-do today, I'd probably go with one of the MonoPrice printers because of the increased build volume and heated bed. That said, I've still had great luck and results with the Printrbot so no complaints. It continuously blows my mind at the ease of use and quality for a sub $300 product, crazy to think about the times we live in and being able to generate a design in CAD and have in physically represented in my hand within a few hours.

While I use it to prototype ideas for KERO, I also loved the idea of exploring using 3d prints as the functional final product. One of the things that I prototyped on the 3d printer was the KERO Cling which we unsuccessfully launched on KickStarter (I'm sill not sure why this failed so bad, I thought it was sweet...). We did the Cling because we thought there was a real need for bedside charging that it addressed. In addition to bedside need, I also continued to get pissed off at how flimsy the charging puck gets through around, turned upside down, or falls behind the dresser/desk. So I used that frustration to create just a simple and fun stand for the charging puck to hold it in place so its easier to mount the watch on the charger. The full project can be seen here, and hit me up if you want the files to print yourself!