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As a designer, finding inspiration is big part of my workflow. Whether that inspiration comes from other designs I see, something in nature, or conversations with peers - creativity stems from inspiration, so it's essential to have those sources you can tap into. I always love talking with other designers and learning about where they find their inspiration. Last week one of my concepts was featured in my favorite design blog. After seeing it on there, I felt way more honored than I probably should have... but what's better than being recognized by your peers and fellow designers?

It sparked the idea to do this blog about inspiration, and share a few of the sources I frequent - and hopefully if you read this you'll share some of yours with me!

Lemanoosh - This ones my favorite, it's the site I mentioned above being featured on last week. It's updated frequently, and features a wide variety of styles and materials.

Behance - Everyone is probably aware of this one, It's basically a portfolio site mashed with pinterest. You can post projects on your profile, as well as view others and save/like posts. This means it's not curated like other blogs, but once you start following some talented individuals, it starts to curate itself. Behance is also open to all disciplines of designs, so it's great to check out if you need inspiration on graphics, layout, advertising, ect.

Abduzeedo- Another blog that I've frequented for awhile. Much more graphic design oriented but still awesome. Seems like lately they've been showcasing a little more ID.

The Verge- In addition to design trends, I think it's also important to stay up to date on technology and new product releases out into the world. The Verge seems to do a great job of featuring a variety of consumer categories as well as making the post/reviews interesting to read.

I'll continue to add links as I think of them - enjoy!

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